Video Invite

Our idea for the video is  Vegas Yatra a concept to gimmick the Kaasi Yatra. Our idea required a lot of GIF skills embedded in a video. Almost it took us two months to research and find who totally executed our idea to the perfection.

Print Invite

Here comes the most favorite part of our wedding. Wedding Invite is just like a resume – It creates the first impression/excitement for the Hiring manager (in this scenario it is the Guests) but at the end of the day it automatically goes to trash! 

QR Code

Since most of the invite might go to trash, we thought of going Digital (Heh Digital India Hai! Modi Hai). So, we had a QR code with which when you scan it will automatically take you to the Video Invite + Live streaming Link of our wedding.


Support a Cause

We wanted to make something meaningful out of our wedding. And hence, we ended up doing this.


At last, here comes the review to one of the most exciting parts of our Wedding. Our idea is to basically have a Print invite + video invite.Based on their previous works, we were pretty sure that they would do a good job with the Print invite. But we were little hesitant about the video invite as we had an idea of embedding GIF concepts inside the video. All her previous videos just had a group of caricatures in a slideshow format.


Initially, We just thought of enquiring and explore the possibilities of executing our idea. So, we elaborately sent an email to the design team about the requirements. Ramya responded back quickly. Following that, we had a discussion over the call.


We felt so comfortable in discussing our ideas with her. she gave us a feel like a girl next door with complete enthusiastic attitude to take up a new challenge. That gave us a gut feeling to acquire her services.


She was so professional. I should thank her for patiently listening to the corrections that we asked for. 100s of emails and countless discussion in whatsapp was totally worth it.


The color contrast that she uses is sheer magic. Both of our parents are not a big fan of new age invites. But after seeing the first iteration of the Invite, literally, both of our parents fell in love with the colors and design.


PS : We didn’t acquire their Printing services as I got a better rate at a different place.

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