Here comes the best ever part in our wedding. Oct 27, 2017 was the most happiest ever day of our entire life. But the ground work to execute this was not a single man’s effort. I would like to thank Elegant weddings and their team for their complete dedication and hard work. Here, comes the story behind this :

My mother and I wanted to do something different for our Sangeet. When my parents visited the Universal studios, they totally liked the Harry Potter World. Considering that my fiancee is a Potter head, I thought surprising her with an Harry Potter themed Sangeet. My parents were as excited as I was and they also wanted to welcome their future daughter-in-law in a special way.

Since, I lived away from Chennai, it was hard for me to find an event decorator. Through a relative, my mom got Anusha’s (the emcee) and Tina’s (from Elegant Weddings) contacts. Since, we both lived in different timezones,  brainstorming and communicating my ideas to them was a little challenging. To bridge that, we came up with the idea of discussing ideas and making a Powerpoint Presentation. After going through various iterations, we finalized the things that we wanted to have. Tina was so professional in the process of gathering requirements and she envisioned it in the same way as we thought. More than professionalism, she was passionate and excited about executing this with perfection. 

When we decided to go with the Harry Potter theme, we also wanted this to look majestic, elegant, beautiful and entertaining for the Non- Harry Potter fans(guests) who would come to the wedding. So,we kept little mason jars filled with family photos and some Harry Potter themed props and photos for the others to enjoy.

An elegant entrance with the hanging candles that goes till the dance floor with an oath that says ALWAYS.

Fun Props

Our magical journey starts from the Platform 9 3/4

Sorting Hat and they both belong to the house – Gryffindor

That’s the Uber we take when we come to the Muggle world – Weasley’s car 

Dance Stage with their house flags and they danced for the Potter Waltz

Anyways after marriage, there’s always going to be a duel. So, we decided to have a one at our Sangeet!

Wait! We love GOT but this is not the Iron Throne. This is a throne made of Wands and not Swords. 

 Edible Candy Counter enhancing the theme 

Arun and Roshna Always – a Giant Cake 

From love potions to Dragon eggs

Dobby welcomes you to the Family Table Counter 

 Table pieces decorated with Tri Wizard Cup

All the guests entered as a muggle but they left as a Wizard with a gift of Wand. 

Say Hi to Dobby! Now he is free because now Arun is going to be the slave (of Roshna)

 This tells the perfection and dedication level of Tina and her elegant wedding’s team 

 Guest book that contains the pictures of the couple taken across the different parts of the world

Their entire team is absolutely stunning. Every guest who entered the Sangeet hall felt like “It was a Shankar padam set”. Atlast, the end goal of surprising the bride was completely executed. She can’t thank enough the team for making everything to the Perfection.  I would highly recommend  Elegant wedding’s team as the Best event planner in the South India!

Event Planners – Elegant Weddings (https://www.facebook.com/elegantweddingsindia/)

Photography – Eden Studios

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